SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – This week is National Library Week with April 5 being National Library Workers Day. Lola Shelton-Council, the Interim Library Executive Director at Live Oak Public Libraries, spoke with WSAV to talk about the importance of this week.

“The theme for this year’s Library Week is ‘Connect with your Library’,” Shelton-Council said.

This theme, according to the American Library Association, “promotes the idea that libraries are places to get connected to technology by using broadband, computers, and other resources.”

The library staff at Live Oak Public Libraries have certainly done their part in helping connect the community to their local libraries.

“In the last two years, library staff showed exceptional resiliency in pivoting to all virtual formats for delivery of services, programs and material, then to hybrid and then finally as of March 1, back to in-person programming,” Lola Shelton-Council said.

She explained that this hard work by library staff included assisting more than 400,000 visitors to the library, helping more than 100,000 people on public access computers and answering over 175,000 reference questions.

Shelton-Council read a portion of a letter written by Louise Moore, a patron of the Garden City library. In this letter, Moore described the comfort she had found in the local library.

“The library has become so much more than a building that is filled with books,” Moore wrote. “It has become for us a school, a home away from home and a loving and accepting environment.”

Shelton-Council said that the letter was everything she, and others, would want as library workers.

If you’re wondering what the best way to support library workers in your area is, Shelton-Council says to get in contact with your local elected officials about continuing their support of local libraries. If you would like to see something new in your library or are happy about something in particular that your library is doing, you’ll want to mention that too.

You can check out more information on National Library Week by visiting the link here. You can also check out the Live Oak Public Libraries Facebook page here.