Local children lift spirits at assisted living facility during pandemic


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Like other assisted living facilities across the country, Buckingham South in Savannah, has been protecting their residents, by keeping the world out. That has included family members.

“There’s nothing more difficult for them than not being able to see a family member, or a loved one. You know, it’s just that loneliness,” said Buckingham’s Executive Director Rita Slatus.

According to Slatus, one day several weeks ago some local kids showed up outside, at a safe distance from the facility. She said what they did next touched every heart there. “Those children were giggling, laughing, blowing bubbles, holding up signs “we love you” “we miss you” “have a happy day” big smiley face, and I tell you it was the most beautiful sight.”

Ruchoma Nitekman works in the day school at the nearby Bnai Brith Synagogue. She said by showing compassion to others, the kids have learned a valuable life lesson. “These are people that have given to the community for so so so many years, and we have such appreciation to them, now’s a little bit that we can do something for them. Let’s give back to them,” said Nitekman.

Nitekman and Slatus hope what’s happening at Buckingham South will inspire others, throughout the coastal empire, to make sure no one feels alone.

Residents at Buckingham South have also been receiving encouraging notes from an anonymous sender in South Carolina, during the pandemic. The facility recently started allowing outdoor visits, but only by appointment.

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