SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A project that was started a year ago has blossomed into a local band that gets over 14,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Their 2022 single “So Long” has over 40,000 streams so far and they just released a new single earlier this month entitled “Dirty Dub.”

Who are they? A Southern California style rock band with reggae and ska influences called UniFya.

In an interview earlier this month, members of the band talked about their music and history.

Jonathon Cabrera, who is on bass, said that COVID left him and keyboardist Demetri Chrissos with a lot of time on their hands. They decided to turn that free time into a music project, filling a void they say the Savannah area was suffering from.

“There’s a hole in this vicinity for the style of music surprisingly, because we’re at the beach,” Cabrera said. “You would think there would be more beach-focused music and there kind of isn’t. So, our thought process was to make something like that happen.”

Make something happen they did. They added Trey Lindsay, the singer-guitar player, and Billy Davis on drums.

According to Cabrera, the name is based on the unifying power of the campfire where people in ancient times would gather and share stories with their friends, family and neighbors.

“UniFya what we represent is bringing people together,” Lindsay said. He said that the group hopes to transcend the things that cause divisions in the community so that everyone can be brought together regardless of their politics.

“There’s not a specific category for this type of music, but it’s an emergent entity, that there’s a lot of bands making a lot of money doing this right now,” Cabrera said.

While they do play some covers during their performances—like their improv cover of “Shameless” by The Weeknd—their focus right now is on performing their original music.

“Those always continue to evolve,” Carbrera said. “We dig deep and like in the NFL, they go back and they watch the play tapes. We watch the play tapes, you know? See what we did right, what we could do better.”

They are grateful to the community for supporting them as they continue to work hard to improve their music and expand their discography.

“I feel super blessed to be in this community with all these opportunities and places to play, even through COVID, you know, the community really does support local art,” Chrissos said.

You can listen to their latest song by checking out their Spotify through the link here. You can also see where they’ll be playing next in Savannah and surrounding areas by clicking or tapping on the link to their website here. If you would like to see some videos of them, you can visit their Facebook page by clicking or tapping on the link here.