SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Starlandia Supply has diverted over 18,000 pounds of used arts supplies this year according to their owner Clinton Edminton.

In an interview on Thursday, Edminton said he was proud of his store for helping to decrease the amount of used art supplies that might have otherwise been thrown away.

Starlandia Supply is a store like no other in Savannah. The store takes in used art supplies and trades it for store credit. They then sell the supplies back to the community so that the supplies can be used by others to complete their projects.

Confused? Here’s an example.

A SCAD student walks into the store with leftover fabric from a project. There’s not enough of it left to use on the types of projects the student works on. The fabric may be useless to the student, but Starlandia can take it, label it and sell it to someone who makes quilts and doesn’t need large pieces for their work.

That’s exactly what happens at Starlandia.

“We have supplies that might have been used two or three different times by different artists and they’re still doing exactly what they need to do as an art supply,” Edminton said.

Jennifer Farago, an employee at Starlandia Supply, said that this is one thing she really likes about the store.

“We have students with SCAD that come from other parts of the country,” Farago said, “They shop and bring new materials in that we haven’t seen before and we may not have access to.”

Edminton says that each day the amount of art supplies they save grows.

“We’re really at that point where we’re just chugging along and moving an amazing amount of inventory, both new and reclaimed,” Edminton said.

For more information on Starlandia Supply you can visit their website here.