Local artisan celebrates 15 years in hand blown glass business


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Today, one Savannah business is celebrating 15 years of creating unique hand blown glass pieces.

For a decade and a half, Drayton Glassworks owner and artisan, Jon Poirier, has been hand-blowing functional works of art.

He uses heat, breath and talent to turn molten glass into items some collectors clamor to have.

“You have to sell it to be around for 15 years, so we’ve been lucky enough to have people enjoy what we make,” Poirier says.

Handblown glass is an art form that goes back thousands of years, and Poirier is committed to keeping the tradition alive.

“We do it like they did it 2000 years ago because we like it,” Poirier says, adding “You know, it’s just like if you’re into wood, or if you’re into metal, there’s something about it that that brings us back every day.”

Poirier has brought in colleagues who crossed an ocean to help him celebrate his longevity and talent.

They hail from Denmark, Austria and Sweden where Poirier learned his craft from a master.

Peter Kulcher, an Austrian glass artist says, “John is amazing. He learned with the old Swedish masters like I did, like I do, and he’s working the Swedish style of glassmaking. You see the thick walls and the heavy glass.”

Poirier’s colleagues say he’s doing it right, and fifteen years in the business proves it.

To celebrate the milestone, Drayton Glassworks is hosting a special exhibit tonight from 7 to 10 at 2601 Coastline Drive (right by the Amtrack Station in Savannah).

There will be an exhibition of the glass art, a short film, refreshments and a raffle.

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