Local activist discusses indictment for murder of Shawntray Grant


An extensive 108-page indictment unsealed Wednesday from the Chatham County Grand Jury offers new insight and suspects in five different Savannah murders. The one that has drawn the most attention the killing of community activist Shawntray Grant.

Nine months later a tragedy still shakes the community.

“Shawntray Grant was more than just an activist. Shawntray Grant transcends time. He was one of the Martin Luther King’s of our era now, ”local activist and bull horn crew member, Detric Leggett says.

An activist who many knew as “Puff”, with a bullhorn in hand he moved with purpose. “He was that kind of guy people knew he was just a big teddy bear,” Leggett says.

What’s sad is grant’s life was ended by gun violence, something he fought against.

He was shot and killed after an apparent robbery on June 15, at The View at Oglethorpe Apartments.

“We wanted to make sure that everybody understands that isn’t just an average black man this was somebody who fought for everybody. Everybody life meant something so we wanted to make sure that his life and his legacy was going to stand,” he said.

A Grand Jury indicted, Osha Dunta Dunham and Nelaunte Shanequa Grant. Dunham is facing 78 different charges including malice murder and 3 counts of felony murder. Police say Dunham attempted to rob grant before killing him.

Grant also faces felony murder charges,  but being a “party to the commission of a crime.”

Leggett says Nelaunte Grant is not related to ‘Puff’ or his family. But he says this doesn’t provide closure.

“It’s not a win. Because two families are suffering, three families. because you have these two individuals who are going to be taken off the streets. But you have puff’s family and us in the community who are still suffering because we have a loss,” Leggett said.

He says there are still many questions left unanswered about what happened the morning of June 15, 2018. And he wants everyone to know the motto “Puff” lived by.

“We’re here for everybody, regardless of your color or your neighborhood, we gone fight for you and that’s Puff,” Leggett said.

The indictment connects Dunham to the Rollin’ 60’s Crips street gang. This isn’t his first offense, he’s been in jail twice before for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a first offender.

News 3’s Darius Johnson has been in close contact with the family and they were not ready to talk. But their attorney says they’ll possibly make a statement soon.

Savannah Police are expected to speak on the indictments Thursday morning.

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