SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Nearly two months ago, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Johnson Square after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion suggested the nation’s high court may overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Friday, abortion rights activists gathered there once again, now with the 50-year-old federal protection of abortions gone.

“Six people have decided the fate of a nation,” said activist Coco Papy. “A nation that overwhelmingly supports the legal protections of Roe.”

Papy has been active in the multiple rallies that have happened in Savannah since the leaked draft opinion and has been vocal about her own personal experience with abortion. To Papy, the Supreme Court’s decision did not come as a surprise.

“I think we very much saw the writing on the wall in 2016 and then with the confirmation of justices who specifically spoke to the integrity they had in not overturning settled precedent,” she said. “Today we saw that that is not true.”

Emotions were running high in the crowd on Friday evening – many saying they feel angry, sad and scared about the future.

“I want to see justice,” Hope Rosenfelt said. “I’m tired of this. I don’t like my body being controlled anymore, it’s not fair. So we need to make a change.”

Papy and other organizers hope Friday’s protest gave people a place to express how they’re feeling, but also reflect on what’s to come.

“I think there is an urgency that is going through our community right now and what I would say to people is keep that urgency, right,” Papy said. “We can not solve it tonight. We solve it in the days and months and years that will come. And we need everyone to commit to this and remember the anger from this day five years from now, 10 years from now.”

“What’s really crucial right now is that they did this with abortion because abortion feels weird for a lot of people,” she continued. “People have all sorts of feelings – and those feelings are valid – but we do not legislate based off of feelings. And so for us, now that we know that one settled precedent can be overturned they will absolutely come for other ones.”

Across the street, a couple of anti-abortion demonstrators gathered with signs that said “Roe is gone, thank God.”

Officers with Savannah Police were present for added security.