HALEYVILLE, Ala. (CNN) – An Alabama teenager is recovering after being struck by lightning this week.

“It was a shocking experience– that’s how my friends are putting it,” says Faith Mobley, who was struck by lightning.

The 16-year-old was working at the McDonald’s in Haleyville, Alabama when the lightning struck.

She remembers washing dishes when a storm blew through and she heard a loud boom.

“When it hit, everything just tightened up. My muscles just spasmed mostly, and everything went numb,” Mobley says.

Her friends and managers called for paramedics and when they arrived, they noticed a hole in her shoe.

“They said it must be where the lightning exited and came out,” Mobley says.

The teen was rushed to the hospital and doctors checked her.

Mobley was fine with the exception of a few strange phenomena.

She has worn glasses for years, but since the strike, Mobley sees just fine without them.

The color of her eyes has also changed. Mobley claims they used to be a dark green color and they are now lighter.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of this,” says Dr. James Hwang of UAB Hospital Burn Center, “but I think it’s a great thing that it happened and we’re very happy for her.”

Hwang says because she was inside when the lightning hit, it protected her somewhat.

“She’s very fortunate. Some of these injuries can be horrific. I’ve seen peoples’ hands blown off. I’ve seen their legs blown off,” says Dr. Hwang.

Mobley was to be released from the hospital late Thursday.

Though she’s only 16 years-old, Mobley skipped several grades and graduated high school in May this year.

She is looking forward to going back to work at McDonald’s and taking college classes.