Lightning Claims 15th Victim of the Year

Lightning Kills father of 2

Lightning has struck and killed a father of two while he was mowing the yard behind his mother’s house.

Darrell Glen Hoskins, 40, had earbuds in and likely didn’t hear the thunder that rolled in quickly on Saturday in Somerville, TN.  

Hoskins was finishing up the lawn on his riding mower when a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree.  Officials believe the lightning current connected from the tree to the cellphone in his shirt pocket, killing him instantly.  

The tragedy was only made worse by the fact that Hoskins’ younger daughter, age 8, found the body.

… Now when I first read this article, I was curious how the cellphone came into play.  As meteorologists, we have said for years that it’s safe to use cellphones during thunderstorms, but it’s not safe to use land lines.  

Well, a few years back a girl in London was struck by lightning while on her cellphone and received serious injuries.  Then experts found three more similar cases where people died.  

They discovered that while cellphones don’t attract lightning, they can make getting struck worse.  Should a person be struck by lightning while carrying a cellphone, it ( or any other metal object ) could harmfully change how the current is directed through the body.

While the chances of one getting struck while holding a cellphone are slim, some doctors are saying you shouldn’t use cellphones outside during a thunderstorm.  

My advice, however, is this…  you shouldn’t be outside at all during a thunderstorm.  Problem solved.  

(sources:  Memphis Local, WZTV, TechDirt)


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