SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Libertarian candidate for senate Chase Oliver manned a small protest outside the building that was set to host the Warnock-Walker debate Friday night. His goal for Friday night? Show Georgians that they have more options than just Democrats or Republican candidates by being included in the debate.

His goal for this election? Let people know they have another option on the ballot and get enough votes to trigger run-off.

Oliver was not invited to participate and represent the Libertarian party as he did not reach the polling numbers necessary according to Nexstar’s debate guidelines. In a recent WSAV/Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey, 1.3% of respondents said that they would vote for him.

Oliver believes that this is not reflective of the actual number of people who would vote for him if they knew he was an option on the ballot.

But even if it was- that, paired with the undecided voters and those choosing other party candidates, could be enough to push Georgia into a run-off. This seems to be exactly what Oliver wants.

He spoke in a recent interview with Bloomberg about these odds. You can read the article by clicking or tapping the link here.

You can learn more about Chase Oliver’s campaign by clicking or tapping on the link here. You can check out his twitter account by clicking or tapping on the link here.

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