While city leaders met Wednesday to discuss the Vice President’s visit leaders of the LGBT community met to discuss how they’ll welcome Pence to the hostess city; despite a conflict of political opinion. Leaders of the local LGBT community say they are troubled the city has invited someone who practices such ‘discriminatory measures.’ Many say it brings a slight level of discomfort to their diverse community.

But, they say they will not protest instead they plan to extend a hand in friendship to Vice President Pence allowing him to get to know the Savannah LGBT community.

Savannah Pride, President Dusty Church, says, “As members of Savannah LGBTQ community we’re troubled by our public officials of welcoming Vice President Mike pence. Mr. Pence has proven himself to be one of the most anti-lgbtq political crusaders to serve in government.”

Dusty tell News 3 he is mostly unhappy with Pence’s seemingly anti-LGBT actions throughout his political career. “As a member of congress he voted against he employment non-discrimination act, the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, cosponsored a deal to define marriage between a man and a woman and sought to cut off HIV funding,” he says.

And there are other leader sin the community who agree.

According to First City Network, President Michael Ploski, “his anti-policies have followed him throughout his entire political career and as his political career advances all the way up to the white house he’s gotten stronger and stronger, more vocal and more anti- LGBTQ. Rather than honoring the constitution with equality for all.”

But they say they are proud of their diversity and they welcome vice president pence to their home with open arms.

“We certainly welcome Mr. Pence to tour our LGBT center here to meet with LGBT activists we can introduce Mr. Pence to queer and trans LGBT members throughout the spectrum of our community to tell their stories and we love love for the opportunity to continue to educate our leaders,” Church said.

Leaders of the LGBT community are encouraging all community members to come out and show their pride by wearing rainbow shirts flags and more. As a security reminder flags may not be on poles or sticks.