SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — To celebrate National Senior Citizen Day, News 3 spoke with seniors living at Buckingham South, an assisted senior living establishment, to get their stories and life advice.

Gail Robinson

Born two years before the end of World War II, 80-year-old Gail Robinson grew up here in Savannah. Her father served in the army and was stationed in London during the war, and she still has his collection of all his military buttons.

She was a high school biology and chemistry teacher, where she taught in Cambridge Massachusetts. Then she later moved back to Savannah and taught at Savannah Country Day for five years. She retired from her beloved career 20 years ago.

“Keep active and keep your own interests going, I play Scrabble still and Bridge which I play often,” said Robinson. “I love drawing too, and all of those things keep me involved and involved with other people, that’s the best thing to do.”

Roger Daniels

Roger Daniels was born in 1934 and was brought up in the suburbs of North London. Daniels, 93, retired only six years ago from his career as a chemical engineer at Union Camp Corporation. After graduating from the University of Birmingham he began to work at a textile company for five years in Coventry England.

He got married and started a family, but wanted to find a way to America. He was lucky enough to transfer to another textile company in Mobile Alabama. The culture shock was a lot for him and his family but a change of scene was what he wanted.

“A little bit of a change, not quite what we were expecting but turned out that it was a very good move,” said Daniels.

After three years he transferred again to Savannah where he fell in love with the weather and the people, so he decided to stay. They stayed at their Savannah home until his wife became ill and they relocated to Buckingham South.

“Get as much education as you possibly can, starting from junior school to university, and if you can go to higher degrees in college,” said Daniels. “And then that will open up the world for you.”

Arthur Broadwick

Born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Arthur Broadwick has lived in Savannah for the past 30 years. Married for 64 years at the age of 21, he went to school to become a Presbyterian pastor. After years of preaching, Broadwick relocated to Savannah to preach at the Independent Presbyterian Church in Downtown Savannah as the senior associate pastor from 1992 to 2012.

He still drives and follows all his favorite Philly sports teams the Phillies, the Eagles and the 70 Sixers.

“I encourage people in the community to carefully evaluate Christianity,” said Broadwick. “I walk a mile every day and take 100 deep breaths outside.”

Mauren Bracco

89-year-old Mauren Bracco was born and raised in Bermuda until she was married in her twenties and moved to the States. Moving to Savannah, she had seven children and was a secretary at The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, and worked in hospitality at Candler Hospital for many years.

“I’m hardly the one to give advice,” said Bracco. “I think the best advice anybody can have is to live each day as you can, do the best you can, enjoy what the lord has given us and that’s it, don’t sweat the small stuff.”