Savannah, Ga (WSAV) – Some middle school students in Pooler got a lesson straight from the streets this week.

A worksheet focusing on slang is now making its way around social media–and is getting under the skin of a lot of people.

Monday a class at Godley Station School got quizzed on words like “punked,” “popo,” “true dat” and “bling bling.”

A parent posted it online–and the crowd went wild.

“At School?”

That’s the question many are posing after seeing what hit the desks of some Savannah-Chatham students this week.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” a parent said.

Labeled as a “Geography Jumpstart,” the instructions of the worksheet called for the middle school class to define words like “yo,” “dog,” “punked,” “popo,” “sportin'” and “bling-bling” based on the context of sentences provided.

Alderman Van Johnson is one of several who posted it online in disbelief. “If it is meant to be funny- excuse me for not laughing,” Johnson said in his post.

School district spokesperson Sheila Blanco said parent concern pushed the principal to pull the handout from the teacher’s lesson. However, there was an educational goal in the worksheet, she added.

“Obviously, as teachers they’re always trying to find fun and engaging ways to teach students lessons,” Blanco said. “This teacher was teaching a lesson on how language and slang can change from area to area and from decade to decade.”

The teacher got the quiz from an online resource, according to Blanco, and it was only handed out to one group of students.

However, hundreds of pupils are now scanning it and it’s leaving most with more questions than answers.

“They could spend that time much better at school,” a parent said.

There are a few people out there who don’t see a problem with the lesson.

One commenter on Facebook said it’s “slang awareness” and now [the students] will understand what the other is saying.