SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The parade wrapped up around 3 p.m., but the work doesn’t stop for the men in blue. WSAV News 3’s Brian Gallagher followed them around this afternoon to see what they have to deal with once the parade ends.

One thing they stress is trying to be as patient as possible.

“We have some people who are not familiar with the area, but we have some people who may be getting more lively than other people are so we need to make sure we maintain our patience,” said Savannah Police Chief Roy Minter.

Chief Minter says they are playing it by ear this weekend because it has been two years since they have had full scale celebrations like this, but they say they are prepared for whatever might come their way.

“This is three years since we had one so we are kind of playing this by ear. You know we had a great turnout for the parade. So we’re going to take a look and see how many people are staying around and be out and about in the downtown area,” explained Minter.

With a expanded to go cup zone for this years parade, that changed how law enforcement spread out.

“Normally we have the majority of our officers downtown in the Central Business District, but because we expanded the to-go cup zone we are going to be able to spread those officers out into those areas,” said Minter.

Each year roughly half a million people pack Savannah for St. Patrick’s celebrations and the police chief says its ‘all hands on deck’ through Sunday.