SAVANNAH- It’s a scary thought for folks who have large trees around their homes. Stormy weather is on the way and will those trees hold up? Experts say keep a close eye on your trees, color is key as is any physical deformity; cracks, broken limbs or big holes or cavities.

“It’s important, life or death if you don’t pay attention to your trees something falls on your house there’s always that rare occasion that the tree will go through the house,” says Savannah Tree Experts and Removal owner Chris Hunt.

Keeping it so that storm damage means a few downed limbs and no trees on houses. Arborists say an easy to-do for the homeowners is to not neglect the trees.

“Always have an inspector look at it, have the trees pruned, pruned trees suffer less when it comes to storm damage it allows the winds to pass through, it allows the trees to mitigate their branches easier,” says Ossabaw Tree Consulting arborist Michael Pavlis.

Pavlis says there are tell tale signs a tree will let you know it’s in trouble.

“If the leaves on the branches are not bright green that’s an indication that something is going on, if there’s little sticks of dead wood hanging out of the canopy that’s another thing there’s something else going on,” he adds that,”as far as the trunk is concerned we want to look for any kind of mushrooms any type of black staining, water that’s coming out of the tree anytime of cavities that are within that trunk”

If you are unsure about the health of your tree call an expert. If you would like an in depth checklist of anaylzing if a tree is rotting or not, here is a link to the U.S. Forest Services list on tree safety.

Sweet gum, water oak, and sycamore all are hardwood types and can result in serious damage. Chris Hunt has removed trees around savannah for a decade for him it comes down to how we treat the trees in the end before they come crashing down.

“There’s not really a certain species I believe that’s a hazard to anyone as long as they’re taken care of I mean that’s what’s important is the maintenance of the tree.”