The call went out Friday, a woman shot and killed outside a home on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hours later the shooter was found at a different home, also dead, from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Johnee Williams was just 19 years old with a bright future ahead.

Now she leaves behind a two year old son, massive amounts of grief, and one simple question.

“When i lay down at night its just what if. What if,” said Victor Campbell, Williams’ father.

There hasn’t been much sleep for Victor Campbell since Friday, when he found out his daughter Johnee’ was murdered.

“I said where is Christina at where is Johnee at?” Campbell remembers asking. “With the detective. I said for what? He said because he just killed your daughter. At that point my life changed instantly.”

Campbell says he never heard there was any violence between Williams and her son’s Father Malique Francis.

“That’s the what if. No i never knew,” said Campbell.

Now he wishes he had asked more questions.

“That’s what makes it harder,” says Campbell. “I’m feeling a lot of guilt because I didn’t reach out or i wasn’t alert to talk to her. that maybe she could have come to me to tell me.”

“That’s where the guilt came in at if i could have been there to hear daddy he wont leave me alone,”

“Unfortunately i wish somebody could have been there to talk him out of it you know because at the end of the day my Grandson is left without parents period.”

Campbell says they are left empty with the toughest lesson he, and Johnee’s younger brothers will ever have to learn.

“This is my world and I feel like a piece of my world has been taken away,” said a teary eyed Campbell. “How do i mend that back together? There’s no way to mend that back together.”

“If only i could turn back the hands of time i would lay down my life so she could have life. And i would tel her, i would take her place right now. If i had that choice, that’s how much i love my kids. That i will. i will give my life for them..and daddy’s sorry. I’m sorry..i’m sorry.”

Johnee Williams will be laid to rest Saturday at 2:30 at Morningside Baptist Church on East Gwinnett Street.

The family has set up a Memorial fund for funeral expenses and for her son MJ at any Wells Fargo Bank.

There is also a Gofundme account in Johnee’s name.