Job fair held for Savannah-Chatham County Public School students


Savannah, Ga. — Savannah-Chatham County Public School students spent the day at the Savannah Mall looking for career opportunities.

SCCPSS hosted a student job fair to connect local businesses with sophomore, junior, and senior year students.

More than forty businesses were available for the students to speak to about the skills and requirements needed to work for the company in the future and current internship opportunities available.

Woodville-Tompson junior Layla Stafford says she was able to speak with colleges and businesses that she would be interested in after graduation.

“Well, I came here to look for better opportunities to find any type of job, really. I just wanted to explore my resources and things. I saw the Navy and I was very interested when he came to our school and now that he’s here he explained it a little more to us and I really liked that.”

Ronald Akens, the worked-based learning youth apprenticeship coordinator for the school system, said the school system gathers businesses in the area to strengthen the local job market and provide the first step to ensure students have a successful future.

“They may be seventeen-years-old right now, but a lot of the employers are trying to tell them the skill sets they need to have and the soft skills they need to work on so that when they become eighteen and they graduate, those individuals who are interested in full-time employment know exactly what they need to do,” Akens said.

Akens says this job fair was focused on internships and part-time work, while the second job fair held in the spring is catered toward full-time employment.

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