SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — With the news that former president Jimmy Carter is now in hospice – we’re looking back at the life and legacy of the only U.S. president from Georgia.

Even past his time as president, his impact was and still is powerful, especially his work with Habitat for Humanity.

Former president Jimmy Carter first volunteered at Habitat for Humanity back in 1984 in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Up until 2020 the Carters and thousands of volunteers built, repaired and renovated more than 4,000 habitat homes.

“It does make it special,” says Kathy Jenkins with Bulloch County’s Habitat for Humanity.  “They’re just not talking about it, they are actually out there doing it and definitely they are very involved in the project, not just administration, not just talking, not just giving funds, but actually on the ground.”

It is safe to say—former President Carter and his wife Roslyn helped make Habitat for Humanity a  household name.

“They promote habitat wherever they go,” said Jenkins. “And every year they do a Carter work project. In a different city every year around the country or even internationally. And so with, the Carter’s support, has really helped us make Habitat more well known.”

The charity builds homes for families and people in need. In some cases, they construct entire neighborhoods—Habitat has built homes in 14 different countries.

Carter means a lot to the organization but to also his home state of Georgia where he first volunteered.

“And just to know that someone from Georgia took interest in an institution like Habitat for Humanity that started in Georgia and really took it on,” says Jenkins.

Along with the help from Jimmy Carter, Habitat for Humanity has served more than 22 million people across the globe.