Jesup police department cracking down on areas drug activity


JESUP, Ga. (WSAV) – The Jesup Police Department hopes a new spin on an old program will help cut down on the city’s drug problem.

To help fight the city’s drug problem and a problem the Jesup Chief of Police said is all around the state, the department revived their Aggressive Criminal Enforcement team. The team was apart of the department almost 12 years ago but was killed by budget cuts.

During the years it wasn’t around the chief says drug activity gradually grew in the area. Now to decrease it they are taking a different approach to the problem.

” So the whole purpose of us developing this ACE team, drug team, was to focus more on trying to take down the people that are selling, the dealers,” Mike Lane, Chief of police said.

” Once we can start taking dealers down the suppliers down then that’s when we’ll start making a dent in the drug problem, inside the city of Jesup.”

Since ACE was brought back there have been 29 misdemeanor drug arrest and 53 felony drug arrest. Most of the felony arrest were for meth and opioids.

Chief lane said getting people off the streets who are contributing to the drug problem will also help reduce other crimes.

“Drugs lead to other crimes. If you’ve got a big drug problem your thefts [are] going to be picked up, sometimes they’re involved in a domestic violence case, they’re involved in murder cases…The more you fight the drugs the more we feel it can lower your crime rate,” Chief Lane said.

The teams most recent crackdown was for marijuana. In addition to taking the pot off the streets, the department seized over $11,000.

The enforcement team currently consist of three officers. Chief Lane said in the future the department hopes to expand the team.

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