Jacob kits to be placed in every Beaufort County building


It won’t stop a shooter, but it could save a life.

That’s the goal of the Jacob kit.

Burton firefighter Lt Daniel Byrne and his wife created the kits. Now the entire county is getting the word, and the protection.

The Beaufort County Council has dedicated more than $20,000 to buying Jacob kits and placing them in every County building.

The kits are named for Jacob Hall, a 6-year-old killed in a South Carolina school shooting back in 2016. Experts say he would have survived if there was a stop the bleed kit in the room that someone could have used.

The kits contain simple tournicates and patches which could help cover a wound, stop the bleed, or potentially save a life in case of an active shooter situation.

Byrne and other firefighters have been training teachers how to use the simple kits, which could help blood loss connected to a gunshot wound
Each county building will now have one kit. Councilman Michael Covert, who spearheaded the countywide plan, says is a good start to keeping everyone safe.

“This type of thing that happens and we see it all the time on the national news, we think that it will never happen here,” says Covert. “That’s what everyone else thought too. So you need to be prepared. Even if its a level of peace that they have, I look at it more from the level of someone can save your life.”

Covert says while one Jacob kit is a good start, more are needed in county buildings.

He hopes to add at least one for every floor in future budgets.

In the meantime, Tuesday will be a milestone for the life-saving program. Jacob kits will be installed at Whale Branch Middle school.  That means every Elementary and Middle school in the Burton Fire District will have the life-saving kits in their classrooms. A half dozen other scholls around the County have also installed the kits.

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