“It’s pointless to me.” Tybee locals react to controversial alcohol ban in effect

The controversial alcohol ban was in effect the weekend of April 14 on Tybee Island, but that did not stop hundreds of spring-breakers and families from enjoying the beach on Saturday. 

The ban is on open-air drinking and loud music for two weekends, but many locals believe it’s meant to target a specific group of people. 

“They have a big problem with this particular group of people coming down here. What is the problem actually? Is it the color of their skin or bad behavior just in general? I think it’s bad behavior just in general,” said Councilman Brown. 

Brown told News 3 that the increase in underage drinking and violence only happens during Orange Crush. It’s an un-permitted event that attracts thousands of spring-breakers every year to party, and this year, it falls on the weekend of April 21. 

Tybee leaders hope the ban will reduce the number of arrests seen in years past, but many locals believe it’s too broad to enforce. 

“They’re not going to walk up to everybody on the street and say, ‘what you got in that cup?’ They’re not going to do that. Now, if they see someone totally unruly or out of sort, black or white, they’re going to either arrest them or tell them to go home,” said Brown. 

One local business agreed with Brown. 

“I mean, I saw people that were clearly underage out on the streets drinking, and it was the same as the year before. No different,” said Amanda Walters, a bartender at Nickie’s Bar and Grill.

Walters told News 3 that while some locals may fear the ban on open alcohol containers could hurt businesses, she has no concern. 

“People sit and stay longer if they can’t go out with it, but nobody stops them from going out on the streets and drinking. I don’t understand why they even voted to have it. It’s pretty much pointless to me,” said Walters.

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