Isakson: Lifesaving Trucking rule closer to reality

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U.S Senator Johnny Isakson says a long overdue rule that would require speed limiting devices on large trucks is closer to implementation.

We talked with Isakson last year after a tragic accident that claimed the lives of five nursing students from Georgia Southern University.  He told us then that he and Senator David Perdue had written a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Transportation expressing concerns that a proposed rule was being held up.

Isakson saying the speed limit devices can cap a truck’s speed at a predetermined speed limit. He says the rule was held up by the Administration a reported 20 times since 2011.  Now Isakson says the rule has been approved by the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) and should soon be published by the Department of Transportation.

“For the last several years, I have urged the Department of Transportation to improve road safety by requiring heavy trucks to use speed limiting technology to reduce the violence of crashes and save lives,” said Isakson. “Every day that has passed that this commonsense safety measure has been delayed by bureaucratic processes is one too many. I’m pleased to finally see movement by the administration to put forward this lifesaving rule.”

Isakson, who is seeking re-election introduced an amendment as part of transportation funding that indicates the final rule must be issued no later than six months after enactment into law.

In a story we did last year, trucking industry officials had indicated concern about such a device saying it may do more harm than good and that trucks might be prohibited from following the normal flow of traffic which might be dangerous in the sense that frustrated drivers may pass trucks more.

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