Illegal dumping in plain sight across from Lake Mayer


(LAKE MAYER) Property maintenance inspectors with the Chatham County Building, Safety, and Regulatory Services Department will inspect a piece of commercial property for sale directly across the street from the Lake Mayer Community Park near Savannah. Inspectors are looking into illegal dumping on the property at 1827 Montgomery Crossroad.

The house where illegal dumpers are operating is virtually camouflaged by all the vegetation that has grown up around it. There is a wide array of garbage in the driveway and overgrown yard. It includes materials that look to be construction debris with a heavy mix of household items. The trash is not limited to the yard. Broken windows in the home reveals a small mountain of trash in at least one room of the house on the property.

The for sale sign asks interested parties to contact Judge Commercial Realty, but even the sign is being taken over by vegetation. Their website says the property is a five-point-six acre parcel. No sale price is included in the listing, but it does say the condition of the old house is “unknown”. We contacted Bobby Vermillion, the agent named on the sign, to ask about the illegal dumping. Vermillion conceded it’s a recurring problem. He went on to say the clean up plan was to include the cost for that work in any deal to sell the property. “I don’t think the current property owner wants to pay for another clean-up.” said Vermillion. We asked if the current property owner realizes that they are responsible for that clean-up, whether they sell the land or not? Vermillion said he didn’t think the owners were aware.

But property maintenance inspectors with the county confirm that if violations are found, the property owner will be responsible for clean up costs. An inspector is expected to check the property for maintenance violations in the coming days. WSAV will continue to follow the story.

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