“I’ll Always Love You, Sylvia”. Lost Wedding Ring Mystery at Savannah Restaurant


Employees at a popular restaurant in downtown Savannah have been trying to solve a romantic mystery for the past year.  It starts with a simple band of gold.  But what it symbolizes to employees and ultimately to the person who lost it is certainly far from simplistic.

“It’s that romantic notion that someone’s going to call looking for the ring, ” says general manager of Garibaldi Restaurant, Sean Demsey.

Last year at the end of a busy night, a server found a wedding ring on the floor near a booth.  Demsey says they put it in an envelope and then stored the ring a safe place, assuming it wouldn’t be long before some missed it and gave them a phone call.  “But it’s just been sitting there for over a year now,” he tells me.

Then recently, an employee found the envelope and looked inside, taking a closer look at the ring.  When she did, she realized there was an inscription inside.  “The inscription has the year 1943. I’ll always love you, Syliva,” Demsey reads to me.

He and other employees know 1943 was a long time ago but all of them hope somehow the owner is still alive and is the one who lost the ring last year. “We had two weddings last week and after Thanksgiving, we have two more weddings,” says Dempsey.  “It kind of makes this little story more romantic because we do that here.”

Still Demsey acknowledges there is the chance the man who received this ring from “Sylvia” all those years ago may not be alive now.  He says perhaps a relative was wearing the ring last year when it was lost.  He just hopes publicizing the new information about the inscription will help somehow.  “Hopefully it will all come together in the end and it can go to its rightful owner in the right place,” he says.

“I’ll always love you” are important words to live by.  That’s why the ring has become far more than just a simple band of gold to all those at Garibaldi.  “We are keeping this safe and sound we promise, we’ve kept it this long so we can keep it a little longer,” says Demsey.

If you know who might have lost the ring you’re asked to call the Savannah restaurant at 912-232-7118.

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