“I’d like to see it go away.” Tybee Island locals reflect on Orange Crush weekend

Dozens of volunteers helped clean up Tybee Island on Sunday morning after the weekend spring break party known as ‘Orange Crush.’ The beach bash attracted hundreds of spring breakers from around the country. 

City Council members enforced a ban for two weekends on loud music and open alcohol containers in an effort to control the often rowdy behavior seen in years past. Tybee Island officers also added extra patrols on the beach, partnering with Savannah Police Department, Savannah State University Police, Chatham County Police Department and Georgia State Patrol for the Orange Crush party. However, many residents said it was not enough. 

“If you’re going to say we’re not going to have amplified music, then arrest people with amplified music. As a mom, if I told you that you better be home by 11 p.m., you better be home by 11 p.m.,” said Karen Kelly, the owner of Beachview Bed and Breakfast. 

Kelly told News 3 that she saw block parties that were out of control along her street. Jason Buelterman, the Mayor of Tybee Island, agreed that the ban was difficult to enforce. 

“There were definitely some people who were consuming alcohol in places that they shouldn’t have. Our cops did the very best they could. They can’t be everywhere,” said Buelterman.

Although volunteers helped Public Works and Tybee Clean Beach volunteers clean up the beach on Sunday, Buelterman said his real concern has nothing to do with trash. 

“As I’ve said before, I’d like to see it go away. Just like I’d like to see the spring break activities that happen in March not happen. It’s difficult to maintain public safety when you have that many people, and we have a limited number of officers out there, so my concern is safety,” he said. 

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