‘I had to have the nurse hold her hand for me’ Savannah woman loses mother to COVID-19

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- One Savannah woman is sharing her story tonight after losing her mother to COVID-19. Her experience is painting a very real picture of how isolation and death is affecting families around the country.

“The reality is she’s gone because of COVID-19,” said Kimberly Clark-Webb, also known as Divine Favor, a recording artist in Savannah.

Her mother, Clementine Scott-Clark celebrated her 65th birthday in March. Clark-Webb had her in a Virginia nursing home, a facility that soon became a breeding ground for COVID-19.

“Her test came back positive,” said Clark-Webb. “My biggest fear at that point was, well what do we do now, what’s going to happen?”

After a couple of days in isolation her mother was struggling to breathe and Clark-Webb was miles away.

“My heart just dropped to my stomach because when I got the call from the hospital and they said she coded out twice I was like oh my god,” said Clark-Webb, “like really what is happening, this is all happening too fast.”

Doctors said her mother was losing brain activity and machines were the only thing keeping her alive. Clark-Webb and her brother were forced to make an end of life decsion and it all happened over a zoom call.

“The most disturbing part was not being able to be there to hold her hand,” said Clark-Webb. “I had to have the nurse hold her hand for me.”

She said with no closure, no kiss goodbye and no family by side her mother took her last breaths.

“I just miss my mom,” said Clark-Webb fighting back tears.

Her mother, like her, loved to sing, Clark-Webb said she was jokester, high spirited, and a humble woman.

“Not to hear her sing again and to be able to have celebrated her 65th birthday, that that bothers me,” said Clark-Webb.

After losing her daughter in child birth, Clark-Webb knows pain, but she says nothing compares to this.

“They’re suggesting that you have them cremated or closed casket and this is not what I would have dreamed of for her home going,” said Clark-Webb.

She tells WSAV News 3 she plans to have a memorial service on June 6th to celebrate her mother’s life. She said while family cannot attend she will be live streaming it on multiple platforms. She hopes somewhere down the line she’ll be able to have a proper service in her mother’s memory.

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