‘I believe they are alive’ Savannah man discovers only clue for missing boaters off Florida’s coast

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Crews are directing their search for two missing boaters off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida to where a volunteer from Savannah discovered a clue.

Garrett Shurling found a tackle bag belonging to Brian McCluney, a Jacksonville firefighter and Navy veteran, 50 miles from where he and another firefighter, Justin Walker, were last seen setting out on a fishing trip from Port Canaveral, Florida, on Friday.

Shurling is one of the hundreds of volunteers, along with the Coast Guard, Navy, Tybee Lifeguards, and Florida Wildlife Commission taking part in the rescue mission.

“Went to church at Compassion Christian and really just said, ‘Hey, God. Listen, if you want me to look for those two firefighters, send me a sign. The sign came ten seconds later.”

Garrett Shurling, Savannah volunteer

Shurling joined the rescue mission on Monday with his father and a friend. Officials said they are directing search efforts into the area where the bag was found.

“We’re just motivated by compassion for these families. We’re doing what we would hope other people would do for us.”

Garrett Shurling, Savannah volunteer

Volunteers are asking for donations to help with their efforts. If you are interested, visit http://jfrd.com/

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