How to calm your pet during a storm (without medication)


Experts say when lightning strikes, it’s possible to ease canine anxiety without pills or potions.

As the chief meteorologist of WSAV, I am usually at work when storms hit.  That means I am not at home to see how my fur baby reacts… until last week.

Every single time the wind started to blow or the rain started to fall, Tucker would bark at everything. I would call his name, and it would distract him only for a brief moment.

After doing some research on the subject, I came across the research of Dr. Kirsty Fridemanis.  She says the trick is to redirect your pet’s attention rather than to drug them.  

“It’s better to avoid mollycoddling over your pet – or pacifying their fear with medication,” says Fridemanis. “Being with them but going about your business.”

Try challenging your dog’s mind by practicing a new trick or introducing them to new activities such as a toy filled with food so they can use up some of their energy.  Games are terrific for distraction from unsettling sounds, like thunder.  

I tried all of this with Tucker, and it worked.  

But I will share this too… in the very end of this report, the doctor does admit that this won’t work for all dogs and that medication may be necessary.  Your local vet can help you make the best decision for your fur baby.

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