How to avoid scams and theft this holiday season

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — On Thursday the Savannah Police department offered its tips and tricks to avoid holiday grinches this season.

This time of year we see a big rise in package thefts and scams. Savannah police say that oftentimes these crimes are crimes of opportunity.

“When someone is entering your auto or trying to steal something from you,” says police officer Wanya Hendrix. “It’s a crime of opportunity. So a lot of times it’s not planned. It’s just a regular person walking down the street, see something in your car. They pull your door and surprise, it’s open.”

Police urge shoppers to lock your cars and keep purchased items out of plain sight.

If you do your holiday shopping online the department offers alternatives that lessen the chance of getting your package stolen.

“Another thing to do is check with the carrier,” says officer Rebekah Halmick. “Check with them to see if they can hold the package there. And then another option would be to maybe have the package delivered to your place of employment if you’re there more than you are at home.”

The Savannah police department acknowledges that surveillance cameras are good to have and for identifying suspects. However, the department says those cameras don’t necessarily stop someone from stealing your packages.

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