House Bill on border funding, why Congressman Carter voted no


Savannah, Ga. (WSAV) – Only three Republican members of the U. S. House of Representatives voted in favor of the $4.5 Billion package Tuesday night which provides emergency funding for the border.

Buddy Carter, the Republican congressman from Georgia’s 1st District was most decidedly not one of them.

“First of all, the focus was not where it needed to be and that is securing the border,” Carter told our Washington Bureau Wednesday.

Carter did say that everyone and “particularly children that are coming over” must be cared for. But he also said the bill does not provide the fundng that President Trump has reqesteded for border security measures, incuding the Wall.

“This was nothing more than a political message by the Democrats to try to poke their finger in the President’s eye and unfortunately, that is not what we need at this time,” Carter said.

Supporters say the bill is exactly what’s needed which is the funding to care for migrants and unaccompanied children being detained at the U.S./ Mexico border especially in light of recent word about the conditions in some detention centers.

Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham from South Carolina’s 1st district voted for the bill, tweeting that “securing the border does not have to come at the price of neglecting children.”

Cunningham went on to say we need a border with sufficient physical barriers, technology and manpower but that reports of children being held in unsanitary conditions without enough food and water and overcrowding “runs counter to who we are as a nation.”

What happens next is unclear as late Wednesday, the Senate passed a somewhat different version of the measure. The staff of Georgia’s republican Senator Johnny Isakson letting News 3 know that Isakson voted in favor of that bill.

While the border issue is certainly politically charged, both sides seem to be quite aware that millions of Americans are concerned about the conditions in which children are being kept.

“This is a crisis at our border and we need to make sure that we’re making sure that we’re taking care of particularly those children who are coming across that border,” said Carter.

Carter’s office also announcing the congressman will travel to the Southwest border this week.

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