Hospital in Statesboro adds a Cardiac Rehab Program


STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – More healthcare options are now available to people who live in or around Statesboro. East Georgia Regional Medical Center recently opened a cardiac rehab program.

Behind the frosted glass is East Georgia Regional Medical Center’s new cardiac rehab program. It offers patients a place to come after being released from the hospital. Allowing a chance to receive extra care to help them completely heal.

” We design and develop a program for that patient which includes nutrition as well as exercise components, as well as information…Each program is designed and tailored for each and every patient,” Tonya Eagle, RN, Director of Cardiovascular Services said.

Eagle and Dr. Kendall Griffith, the medical director for the program, said supplying this extra care is necessary because the nearest cardiac program is an hour away.

Dr. Griffith, fought for the program to be here because he said patients who don’t get the support and care they need after their unfortunate events, significantly lower their chance at a full recovery.

“Patients who didn’t go through a Cardiac Rehab Program didn’t do as well. They had a difficult time with their activities of living and their confidence level was kind of shaken,” Dr. Griffith said.

Dr. Griffith also mentioned that by the rehab staff working closely with patients, and them creating a warm atmosphere, it will hopefully lend a hand to the rehabilitation process.

“The big thing when someone has had a heart condition is they have faced their mortality… So what we do as a backup is we say to you, hey you have done this program and we know that you’re gonna be able to resume some level of activity,” Dr. Griffith said.

The program usually lasts for 12 weeks but can be adjusted depending on the patient.

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