Hospice makes a daughter’s last wish for her father come true

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HILTON HEAD, SC (WSAV) – It is a place to play.

To sit and relax.

Or even have a wedding.

But for Jan Eagers the beach was a place to say goodbye to her dad.

“This was something small, that could be executed with the help of my friends and it worked,” said Jan Eagers.

Joseph Eagers was a three time war veteran. A father of three and a world traveler.

Joseph Eagers was a veteran of three wars

The last thing his daughter said he would have wanted was to live out his finals days inside a room, trapped in a hospital bed.

“He needed one last journey,” said Jan.

Hospice Care of the Lowcountry was able to help him make that trip.. onto the sands of Tower Beach

“(She said) I have one last wish. I’d like to see done for dad. I said what was that. I just wondered if we could get him to the beach,” explained Melaine Clark, a nurse with Hospice of the Lowcountry.

Eagers was known as a world traveler, going so far as to Antarctica

So with the help of ambulance professionals from All About Medical, they were able to drive to Town Beach, get down the long boardwalk, and into the white sand beach.

“I knew he could smell the salt air, and his hair was blowing a little in the wind,” said Jan. “Sun touched his face a couple of times, for me it was beautiful.”

“Magical. Amazing. Magical. yeah.”

Melanie Carver and Maggie Clark from Hospice were there with Joseph and Jan.

His daughter Jan set up the special event

“You could just feel the aura the energy of love,” said Maggie Clark. “And you could see the respect from the others that were on the beach.”

“She was down on her knees talking to him the whole time. it was fantastic,” remembers Melanie Carver. “I was just thinking how happy I was to be able to do this for her. How blessed we were to make this happen.”

“At first I thought they were dad’s angels, dad’s helpers,” smiles Jan. “But in the end, I realized they were mine too.”

After a quick stop by his old home on Sea Pines that same day, Joseph Eagers died 16 hours after leaving the beach.

Jan says was left with a feeling of peace, love, and happiness her father was able to have one last trip.

“I think that he knew where he was, I think he appreciated it and it just makes me feel like I fulfilled my duty and gave him something beautiful before he died,” said Jan.

Hospice of the Lowcountry credits a grant from We Honor Veterans which helped make this wish, and several others possible.

If you would like to help Hospice Care of the Lowcountry give other people the respect and caring they deserve, go to: https://hospicecarelc.org/

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