Hinesvillle Neighbors complain about terminally ill child’s therapy chickens


It’s been an uphill battle for one Hinesville Family fighting to keep their chickens on their property. They’re used for their terminally ill daughter’s emotional support.

However, some neighbors say the chickens have become a nuisance.

“The concern is the number of chickens. What it is — is it’s a very foul odor and we cannot sit outside or go on our back deck or front porch without the smell,” said a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Shirah Family says their 11-year old terminally ill daughter was prescribed the chickens to help with her emotional and physical therapy.

“These are my favorite chickens because each of them are special in their own way,” said Mary Ann Shirah.

The family may be forced to get rid of the chickens based on a Hinesville City Ordinance that bans fowls if the situation becomes a nuisance or creates an unsanitary condition in the neighborhood.

However, the Shirah Family says they have no intention of getting rid of their child’s chickens.

“They want us to get rid of the coop, and want us to get rid of the chickens and we’ve told them we’re not going to. It’s really all about her happiness as she continues to fight this condition,” said Alexander Shirah, Mary Ann’s father.

The City of Hinesville is investigating the situation. An online petition has gathered over 500 signatures in less than a week’s time.

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