HINESVILLE, Ga. (WSAV) – It was 4 a.m. on Tuesday when Amber Rockel said she got a call that her store’s alarm was going off.

“I thought it was a false alarm, no big deal,” Amber said.

When she walked up to her store, she was greeted with gaping holes in the windows and shards of glass everywhere.

“My worst thought was just that everything was gone, that they stole everything we had in there, that we were gonna have to start brand new,” Amber said.

Amber said items were moved around, but nothing was stolen from her shop. But she estimates it’ll cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

Other store owners in Willow Brook Place said they are shaken up and don’t know why this happened. A few doors down at Izola’s, owner Glenn Poole said someone attempted to get in through the back door.

“It’s very upsetting and it’s very disturbing that this would happen,” he said.

Glenn said there was no damage done to the restaurant, but a mop was stolen. He’s angry that someone would target local businesses and destroy his neighbor’s.

“I would want to ask him what his motive was,” Glenn said. “Why would he go in there and destroy someone’s business? He didn’t take anything, but he broke everything.”

Amber said she never thought this would happen to her business, but it was a reality check that will leave her on high alert. Repairs are underway and she expects them to be done in the coming days.

“I would ask why, you know. It’s the holidays and there was really no need for it,” she said. “We’re just small business owners, we don’t make a fortune out of this. Why target us?”

Hinesville Police has been notified and is investigating.