Some Hilton Head drivers are asking why there’s a chicken crossing Point Comfort Road. In this case, he wants them to slow down so the neighborhood children are safe. 

Every day, Logan Cambron suits up in white feathers, rubber feet, and a chicken head and starts his shift with a sign and radar gun.

“We were out here in the rain, in this hot suit, for two and a half hours yesterday stopping cars,” Cambron said.

The ‘chicken man’ has lived on Point Comfort Road in Hilton Head for 25 years and says he’s sick of drivers speeding down his street.

“We’ve got over a dozen kids down this side of the neighborhood,” he said. “I’ll stand out here with the radar gun, and if somebody’s doing more than 3-4 miles an hour over the speed limit, I walk out in the road and make them slow down.”

Cambron says the suit makes people laugh instead of getting angry, but its inspiration is not very funny.

“We have pet chickens and they like to go across the street to the neighbor’s house because the neighbor feeds them,” he said. “One would cross the street and she got hit and run by a truck.”

Robert Clark and his kids live across from Cambron.

“There’s a curve right before our driveway that really makes it dangerous,” Clark said, “Because our kids like to play, they like to be here and be in the neighborhood.”

The town says the 30 miles per hour speed limit is standard on a state residential road.   

“I can’t invest the time to do another thorough speed limit study when I don’t feel conditions have changed, depreciated, since the last time,” said Darrin Shoemaker, the town’s Traffic and Transportation Engineer. “But I suggested to the neighborhood that they could request one of the state.” 

But this chicken says he keeps getting the runaround.

“The town told us to talk to the state, the state told us to talk to the town,” Cambron said.

The town and sheriff’s office put up a “Your Speed” sign for a couple weeks in January and it’s back up this week. But the chicken man says he’ll be out there until something is done. 

“I’m gonna make them slow down,” Cambron said, “I’m not gonna let a kid get hurt under my watch here.”