HHI residents, consultants talk affordable housing for workers


A strategic plan for affordable housing on Hilton Head might sound like a pipe dream to some, but the town is working towards a solution.

A consulting firm has been brought in and will spend the next six months breaking down the data to address housing issues in the town.

But as consultants say, it’s about more than just the numbers.

“Housing may be issue number one for folks who work and live on Hilton Head Island. While more houses are going up in the gated communities, there’s still no room for the folks who teach, serve food, or just want to live and work in the same place,” explained Lisa Sturtevant.

It was a full house Thursday at the Town Council meeting. Dozens of people gathered to hear the first presentation by the housing consultant firm.

Sturtevant has worked on similar projects in the Virginia and Maryland area but wants input from the people that work and live locally.

Her firm will be speaking with community groups in Hilton Head through April before they make final recommendations. Once the study is complete, those recommendations could be implemented in the following year.

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