SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The new Groves K-12 complex, which is expected to be opened on August 23, is currently being worked on and so are plans for students who will be attending next school year.

The facility is close to 400,000 square feet and will have a capacity of 2,400 students.  Students from Gould Elementary School, Mercer Middle School, and Groves High School will be housed on a single, large campus.  

For parents and students who may be concerned about all of the students K-12 learning at one school, Stacy Jennings, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System Director of Communications said, “The only shared space will be the kitchen.  Students will not eat together, nor will they have music, theater, gym, etc. together.  No worries about little kids eating with big kids (or vice versa)”.

Concerning bussing and school start times, Jennings said, “Bussing will not be discussed until we get closer to opening. Start times will be staggered because of the traffic on 21.”

The name of the K-12 facility has not been established yet, but Jennings said with there being three schools combining, it is unlikely to be called any one of their current names.  

The expansive K-12 multi-school project is a first for the school district and will be housed on the former Groves High School site in Garden City.  

The new campus will include a digital media lab, CTAE labs for aviation and logistics as well as business and family consumer sciences.  

It will also include an athletics complex, including a football stadium with a field house and a competitive track & field area, multipurpose soccer fields, tennis courts, a high school baseball field, a high school softball field, a little league field, two indoor gyms, and more.  

The campus also will feature a two-story, 750-seat auditorium with a full-scale performance production stage. There will also be three paved parking lots with a capacity of more than 660 parking spaces.