Help keep your county green during the holidays


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Before you throw your used gift boxes and wrapping paper away, consider recycling them this holiday season.

Not only will Mother Nature be thankful, but you can keep the Grinch from stealing your presents.

Empty boxes and bags full of wrapping scraps left on your curbside serve as a bullseye for thieves. Although it might be the last thought on your mind, the presents inside your home may be at risk.

Visit your county’s site in the list below to find out the nearest recycling drop-off site to you.

Holiday hours vary, and most all sites are closed Christmas Day, so be sure to double check times before packing up your car.

Remember not everything will be recyclable. Metallic, glittery and velvety wrapping paper or Christmas cards usually cannot be recycled.

Heavy duty tape on gift boxes is a no go, but cardboard can always be taken.

If you have any specific questions, just contact your county recycling center before you go.

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