GARDEN CITY, Ga – (WSAV) The Georgia Ports Authority is gathering relief supplies to help people in the Bahamas who are struggling to recover after Hurricane Dorian. The enormity of that storm’s devastation to that Caribbean nation triggered GPA to set up a drive-thru drop off donation site at their headquarters. Executive Director, Griff Lynch, made the announcement during the State of the Port address last Thursday, “If we see good support we’re gonna keep moving and we’ll keep filling containers and I’ve got to talk to my board, the Georgia Ports is gonna make a sizeable donation to, ah, to this effort,” Lynch said.

Some of the workers at the Port of Savannah are donating sweat equity to load and stack the goods inside the containers. Jeremiah Barnes works as an equipment operator on the docks, but is one of the people unloading donations and putting them into the shipping containers that will go to the Bahamas from Chatham County, “It feels great to help because if, say for example, if the storm was to hit us, then we would be in the same position, so it feels great to help out other people,” said Barnes.

This effort allows people in the region to give tangible items in lieu of a monetary donation to Dorian relief efforts. GPA makes it possible due to their connections in the ocean shipping trade. GPA Chief Operating Officer, Edward McCarthy explains, “One of our customers, MSC Freighting & Shipping Company, you can see them in the background, their facility that they use in Freeport, Bahamas was devastated and they’ve donated the containers and they’re going to ship them on their vessels right to all to the Bahamas and get them delivered,” McCarthy said, adding there is a specific need at this point, “Canned goods, food and water would be really good if we could keep getting that,” McCarthy says. So Far two containers have been filled with a third near capacity, but Lynch says the collection will continue while the giving continues, but they may wrap up on Tuesday. McCarthy says their donation drive fits into the GPA commitment to community, not just next-door neighbors, but the global community when catastrophy strikes, “It goes along with, um, Georgia Ports values, do unto others as you want others to do unto you,” McCarthy said

The GPA Dorian Relief Drive is accepting donations from 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Georgia Ports Authority Administration Building, 2 Main Street, Garden City, GA., 31408.