SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — There are lots of mental health phrases thrown around these days by influencers and gurus. Last week we talked about what a trigger is. This week we’re tackling mindfulness.

Our mental health expert Mary Jo Horton, the manager of Behavioral Health at Memorial Hospital, walks us through what mindfulness really is, and how you can make it work for you.

Here’s some of her advice from our interview on First News at 4:

Mindfulness Definition:

  • to be fully emotionally present and attuned to yourself
  • Active practice of being fully in your moment with thoughts present
  • Benefits: decreases anxiety, decreases depression, increases positive connection

How does it work?:

  • Remove distractions from the moment and recognize your environment
  • Set aside any thoughts of worry about the past and anticipation of the future
  • Recognize physical sensations to include aches, pains and breathing

How can I learn to practice?:

  • Breathing exercises to get into body and out of mind
  • Move and stretch to tend to the sensations
  • Mental exercises to remain present and engaged