SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A new poll from the Georgia Association of Educators shows many teachers are experiencing burnout. There are similar concerns in South Carolina.

On First News at 4 we talked with a local mental health expert about what burnout actually is, in this week’s Wellness Wednesday segment.

Manager of Behavioral Health at Savannah’s Memorial Health, Mary Jo Horton says there’s a difference between being tired and experiencing burnout. She says there are some key signs and signals of burnout that we can look for in ourselves.

Signs/Signals of burnout:
-Being exhausted even after time off or rest
-Being overwhelmed by tasks that were not previously very stressful
-Lacking a sense of purpose or fulfillment at work

Horton says some strategies for working through burnout include:
-Being honest about it with yourself and others
-Being mindful and asking for help with tasks
-Practicing self-care during the work day, such as stretching and meditation
-Ensuring to avoid self-destructive behaviors outside of work