The importance of a regular thyroid check

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(KOB) – It’s an organ that can sometimes be neglected, even though it has a very important role.. the thyroid.

Specialists say it is very important to get it checked regularly, because if there are any thyroid diseases it can compromise your health.

Whitney Marquez noticed a lump on her neck and says she didn’t really think anything of it. 

After a few tests..

“It turned out I had not only thyroid cancer in this side, but also on the other side where I didn’t have a bump either,” said Marquez.

Whitney Marquez is now cancer free following treatment.

Her cancer is just one of the few things that could go wrong with the butterfly shaped organ in front of the neck.

Dr. Lisa Ereifej an endocrinology specialist explained the importance of the thyroid.

” It produces the thyroid hormone. It’s secreted directly to the blood, and it goes to every single tissue in the body,” said Ereifej.

Dr Ereifej says the hormone produced helps regulate the body organs.

But thyroid diseases could compromise your health, even if it isn’t cancerous.

“The most common structure problem that we see in a thyroid in our clinic is thyroid nodules,” explained Dr. Ereifej, “So it’s simple a lump in the thyroid. Sometimes patients have no symptoms at all. The other part is a thyroid function problem. So your thyroid is either making too much thyroid hormone or too little thyroid hormone.”

Sometimes there aren’t any symptoms but if you are experiencing anxiety, fast heart beat, weight fluctuations, fatigue, or difficulty sleeping, visit your doctor.

If you catch it on time, there is treatment that can help stabilize the issue.

“We know our own bodies. If something shows up that just seems kind of out of place, get it checked out,” said Marquez.

Medical experts recommend regular thyroid checkups. They say, if left untreated, it could lead to ‘long term’ health issues.

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