Thanksgiving blues: Coping during the pandemic

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(NBC News) – Thanksgiving traditionally brings people together, but this year COVID-19 is keeping family and friends apart. 

THE Centers for Disease Control is promoting virtual Thanksgivings, or those limited to members of the same household as the safest options. 
Northwestern Memorial Behavioral Health Specialist Allison Johnsen says this time of year can already be challenging, and the pandemic is adding to feelings of anxiety and sadness. 

“One of the things to consider, and putting into your thought process deliberately, is with COVID, it will pass. This year will pass,” she says.
She suggests replicating beloved family traditions on a smaller scale, or if that doesn’t feel right, going the opposite way with new foods or activities.

Johnsen also advises looking for ways to help others, and taking care of yourself.

“Maybe this is the year where you do get enough sleep and rest and just enjoy the people you have around you,” she says.
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