Shake on it? Not anymore!

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KGW) – The spread of COVID- 19 coronavirus is changing the way many people greet each other.

People are getting creative to avoid hand-in-hand contact. Some have turned to tapping toes, bumping elbows and fists, bowing and nodding in lieu of shaking hands.

To some, cautiously avoiding handshakes comes at the cost of expressing manners and respect. Many feel those things are lost when people avoid shaking hands.

“I’m going to shake because that’s the kind of business we’re in,” says John Helmer III, owner of Portland, Oregon’s John Helmer Haberdasher. Helmer’s father and grandfather built the century-old business on thousands of handshakes and what they represent.

“We’re in a real people business so it’s just natural to come in and shake the person’s hand,” Helmer says. “With our new reality, it makes it a little more difficult.”

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