Red light tanning beds are being touted as new fountain of youth

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(KPRC) — Red light tanning beds and masks are being touted as the new fountain of youth. The therapy encourages your cells to heal faster and produce more collagen, which means red lights could reduce scarring as well as eliminate wrinkles. 

Chloea Skok, spa director at Planet Beach Spray and Spa in Houston, Texas says she has been using the red light therapy for full body and facial treatments. She’s seen an improvement to her rosacea, stretch marks and back pain.

“I’m happy with the results, not only does it help eliminate my back pain but it decreases inflammation, which is something I was suffering from,” Skok says.

Dermatologist Sherry Ingraham says red light is actually great for you because it penetrates deeper than other treatments can. She says the light is able to stimulate collagen, elastin, it’s anti-inflammatory and it’s safe.

“You’re not going to burn yourself typically with red light,” Ingraham says.

However, if you’re using red lights at tanning salons, you have to do your research to determine if it’s going to be effective.

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