SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As colleges across the country welcome students back onto campus, the concern of managing stress throughout the school year presents itself. 

After speaking to a college student and a mental health professional — we learned that simply having resources available is the first step to helping these stressed students.

“I think that one of the most important things that universities and colleges can do is to let them know that help is available whenever they need it,” said Dr. Kaitlin Gallo of Christie Campus Health.

Gallo is a licensed psychologist for Christie Campus Health — a group that partners with colleges to assist with the mental health needs of college students.

She feels that the negative stigma surrounding mental health is going away and says it’s encouraging to see young people feeling more inclined to seek assistance.

“More and more people who need support are being to ask professionals for help,” Gallo said.  

Dyanna Velez is a student at Kennesaw State University who says mental health resources simply can’t fit within their budget.

“I’ve considered it but I can’t with all the bills I have. If it was a bit more affordable, I probably would,” Velez explained. 

She provided us with some insight into the stressful aspects of being a student.

“Most college students aren’t doing okay. They are struggling because of friendships or going through a lot of changes in their life,” Velez said. 

While stress isn’t limited to just one obstacle, there is one thing that all college students face.

“When you’re in school, there’s one thing that everybody has in common. You have classes and schoolwork. That is certainly one of the bigger stressors,” Gallo added. 

Although Gallo and Velez view things from different lenses, they both offered some advice for college students that are looking to release stress.

“Me and my friends go on long walks or go to the gym. Or it takes my puppy on walks through the neighborhood,” Velez answered. 

“Sleep is really important. Look at your time and how you’re spending your time with. Do some things that make you really happy and grounded,” suggested Gallo. 

Christie Campus Health offers a 24/7 support line to college students experiencing mental health struggles.