SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — For a few hours a week, students at Beach High School in Savannah are getting the experience they need to excel in the medical industry. 

The Community Education Program and Health Screening Clinic is a partnership through SCCPSS and St. Joseph’s Candler that helps future healthcare leaders learn critical medical skills while also helping those in need. 

Allied Health Coordinator Tijuana Milton explained, “This program allows our students the opportunity to get first-hand experience of patient care utilizing the soft skills of when patients initially report to the clinic, the students are greeting them at the desk, talking to them, interviewing, determining the reason for the patient being here and proceeding them on through the check-in process”.

The program offers a variety of free wellness screenings to the public including blood pressure checks, cholesterol and diabetes testing, and obesity and body mass index testing.

A nurse practitioner from St. Joseph’s Candler guides the students in making sure they are performing the task correctly. 

Nurse Practioner Amanda Harper said,  “We.. speaking from myself and my coworkers from the hospital, it’s we really enjoy seeing them like I said blossom as students here and then you know the future opportunity of them to come maybe be colleagues and working with us at the hospital is exciting.

The course is a semester-long class that goes on the student’s transcript. At the end, they are given the option to take a certification exam to become a phlebotomist.

Participants in this program say this is an opportunity they will not take for granted and it gives them hope for the future. 

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to be able to see how a clinic is run and it will start my future into becoming a healthcare professional,” said student Tamhera Semper. “So, I was like let me go ahead and get this first-hand experience so, I won’t be blindsided of what I’m finna go into.”

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