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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A student at Savannah College of Art and Design is working to help students who are struggling to deal with the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic; as people across the country try to adjust to our “new normal.”

Kevin Luongo said students were juggling high levels of stress and anxiety before the outbreak. The local is proactively working to help other students who are having difficulty coping with the changes.

Luongo and many of his friends use their work and school as defining traits in their lives. The graduate student said he began struggling to get out of bed when COVID-19 impacted him personally—grappling with losing his employment and transitioning to an online class schedule that he said is not conducive for the course material he his studying. Luongo listed self-isolation, filing for unemployment, adjusting to using technology for classes designed for in-person instruction, and friends struggling to fly home to their families as factors that were taking a toll on his mental health and on his friend’s emotional well beings.

“I think one of the biggest things is pay attention to other people, pay attention to your friends, pay attention to what’s going on cause especially people with mental illness, they don’t want to talk. They don’t want to be a burden,” the SCAD student said.

Luongo described his ability to get help by talking to his friends and telling people he was struggling. He wanted to encourage others to reach out to the people who could be afraid to ask for the help they “desperately need.”

Click HERE for SCAD’s counseling and student support services, or call 9120525-6971 for their Savannah office.

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