SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Georgia Southern University (GSU) is trying to give a voice to those who have lost theirs.

GSU’s RiteCare is hosting its second Voice Drive to collect voice recordings and then submit them to VOCALiD. VOCALiD will create synthetic voices using machine learning and speech-blending algorithms. The recordings can then be used by people with voice-speech loss.

The goal of the drive is to aid deaf people and others who have lost their ability to communicate, which is estimated to impact nearly 7.5 million people.

VOCALiD needs around 3,500 sentences — or 5 to 7 hours — to mold a digital voice. Those interested in submitting records can email Tory Candea at You can submit recordings from home on your own schedule and the deadline is to submit them is May 11.