SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Accessing affordable, high-quality health care can be a challenge for Americans nationwide. But a recent report from Forbes claims that Georgia is the worst state to seek health care.

The report by Forbes compared all 50 states across four categories: health care access, health care cost, health care outcomes and quality of hospital care.

Georgia ranks among the nation’s highest when it comes to patients who lack health insurance coverage and patients who avoid the doctor due to financial concerns.

People who live in rural areas also face the obstacle of simply finding a health care provider within their parameters.

The patient-to-physician ratio in rural areas is 39.8 physicians per 100,000 people but in urban areas, it is 53 physicians per 100,000 people

The state also has some of the worst mortality rates for kidney disease, heart disease and stroke.

Although Georgia tops the list, South Carolina isn’t too far. They were ranked as the fifth worst state for health care.